Hiking The Seven Rila Lakes 

Join in on an epic hiking trip with guide to the The Seven Rila Lakes – one of the most fascinating natural attractions on the Balkan Peninsula.
The Seven Rila Lakes are glacial lakes, nestled in Rila Mountain, at a distance of approx. 90 km from Sofia. The lakes have been named for their shapes and qualities. The highest of them for example is Tear Lake, which gained its name for its crystal-clear water. It sits 2,535 meters above sea level. The lowest one is called The Lower Lake – 2,095 meters. The lakes are located one above the other, connected by a path which provides stunning views. The destination is popular not only because of its natural beauty which attracts tourists, but also because of its religious significance to the White Brotherhood or Danovites. Every year on August 19, there is a large gathering. On this date the Brotherhood celebrates their New Year, dancing a panreuthmic sun-worshipping dance arranged in large circles.
Itinerary: The tour starts at 08:00 with pick up from your hotel/accommodation in Sofia. After approximately 1 and a half hour drive we will reach Panichishte resort. From there we will take the chairlift which will lead us to the Rila Lakes mountain hut. And from here the hike starts. We will follow the path which will unveil the beauty of the lakes one after the other - The Lower Lake, Fish Lake, The Trefoil, The Twin, The Kidney, The Eye and The Tear. The walking time is approx. 5 hours. Before leaving back to Sofia you will have the chance to stop for a light dinner at a traditional restaurant at a resort on our way. Drive back to Sofia. The tour ends with drop off at you hotel/accommodation.


for 1 person - 124 €
for 2 persons - 86 € per person
for 3 persons - 74 € per person
for 4 persons - 61 € per person
5 + persons - 55 € per person


Pick up & drop off at your hotel

Parking fees

Chairlift ticket

Air conditioned vehicle

English speaking tour guide

Tour details

Start: 8:00 End: 18:00 

Available: June-September

Driving time: 3h approx.

Walking time: 6 hours

Requirements: comfortable shoes, warm clothes, snacks, water, raincoat